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Picking Car Locks (Automotive Lock Picking) is easy!

... This video and article will show you how to pick car locks in no time!

Watch this short video first then read the article below:


Your Guide to Picking Car Locks (Automotive Lock Picking)

How to Pick a car lock  (also known as Automotive Lock Picking) is a controversial subject for most

. Whatever your reasons are for picking car locks, this article will give you an insight in to how automotive lock picking works and how the experts get into your car without keys, when you have lost your one and only set of keys (Note: more specific information is available by following the link at the end of this article).

Put in a nutshell, if you do not have the keys to a specific car there are 3 ways that you can set about picking car locks and gain entry into your car:

1)         First method for How to Pick a Car Lock: Use a brick, hammer, spark plug or otherwise to put the window through. Voila! This isn’t actually picking car locks but it does get you in. The ‘lock out’ or repo guys won’t generally use this technique. It is saved for thieves.

2)        Second method for How to Pick a Car Lock: Use true automotive lock picking techniques to manipulate the lock and turn the lock mechanism in the same way as if you had a key. This can be done by actually picking car locks (or rather the individual pins or wafers inside them) using traditional automotive lock picking techniques whilst simultaneously using some kind of tension wrench to turn the lock. With modern day cars, actually picking car locks is much more difficult than in the past because the security of the locks has increased in recent years. Out of the 4 options presented in this article this is the only technique that actually involved true automotive lock picking

3)        Third method for How to Pick a Car Lock: Another method is using auto ‘Jigglers’. These are also called ‘Try-Out’ keys and come in a variety of shapes that resemble keys but are put into the lock and ‘jiggled’ about in the hope that the door will then open. Again, using this method you are technically not picking car locks, rather you are manipulating them.

4)        Fourth method for How to Pick a Car Lock:  Exploit the rubber weather sealant around the door windows. Generally this means down the side of the glass roughly above the lock on the door. Various tools such as the Slim Jim can then be inserted down this thin gap between the rubber and the glass, and used to grab, turn or pull on the internal mechanism that causes the door to unlock.

So, these are the 4 main techniques used in picking car locks today.  Automotive lock picking is not that hard to do but be warned: Make sure you only practice on your own car as picking car locks of others will land you in jail!


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