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With my detailed videos, color diagrams, and clear explanations on how to pick a lock, you will dominate every lock you encounter!

In this straight-to-the-point guide to lock picking, you'll have access to the trade secrets that have been kept from non-professionals for years.

Inside the members-only area you'll discover:

  • The basic principles of how locks work
  • How a basic pin tumbler lock works
  • How to pick a pin tumbler lock using traditional picks, raking and scrubbing
  • How lever locks work
  • How to pick a high security lever lock
  • How to pick padlocks (combination, lever, pin tumbler)
  • How bump keys work
  • Where to legally buy bump keys
  • How tubular locks work
  • How to pick tubular locks
  • How to pick car locks
  • How to open cars without keys (bypass techniques)
  • How skeleton keys work
  • Where to legally buy lock pick tools (no questions asked)
  • Plus lots more...

All of this is explained in well-organized sections, each with color photos, diagrams, and videos.

Never look at a lock the same way, as you will now be in complete control!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dear Fellow Lock Picker,

It's time to stop reading the same old information that is peddled around lock picking web sites that simply tell you how a pin tumbler lock works and then how to pick it.

How many times have you seen the MIT guide to Lock Picking? I could name at least 10 lock picking web sites right now that sell this outdated manual. There are loads more still that have just copied the information in it and have it on their web site as a so-called 'how to' guide.

But what about getting into cars? What about high security locks? What about lever locks?

You could spend hours looking for tiny morsels of information hidden on web sites across the internet, only to find that it still doesn't tell you exactly how these locks work and how to pick them.

On top of all this, the 'professionals' in the locksmithing world closely guard their trade secrets and will not even allow you access to their web sites, forums or online shops.

I have been picking locks for years and have seen first hand the inferior lock picking information available on the internet today...

Now you can learn how to pick a lock or bypass every lock you encounter, straight from someone who has been there and done it.

Ten years ago, I started picking locks for fun when I picked a padlock with a hair pin. The padlock was such low quality that I just inserted the hair pin and wiggled it around and it opened.

I was AMAZED that it could even be sold as a padlock intended to protect people's property, but even so, it sparked my interest in picking locks and it escalated from there.

I have bought countless books, spent hours (more like days) in online lock picking forums, and I have even forked over hundreds of dollars to go to a locksmith training course. I have read through hundreds of lock picking web sites, top to bottom, and bought tools from all over the world.

What became clear to me over the years is that good quality lock picking information is extremely hard to find. The best stuff is hidden by the professionals.

I have been EXACTLY where you are now, where all I wanted was some cut-to-the-chase, clear information that covered all types of lock picking.

With the right knowledge, anyone can learn to pick or bypass every type of lock...without any prior experience.

I wish that during these past 10 years I had instant access to the insider secrets, like you do today.

Instead, I spend countless hours searching for information and spending lots of money on courses and books.

I wish I had known that all the practicing in the world will not improve your lock picking success if you don't have access to rock-solid information about the locks you are trying to open.

Amaze your friends by opening any lock they hand you.

'The Bible' is divided into ten chapters with straightforward information, color diagrams, photographs, and videos. Each type of lock is clearly explained and then you are shown picking or bypassing techniques.

I have even included a chapter telling you where you can legally buy your lock pick tools and bump keys.

The Classified Lock Pickers Bible teaches you:

  • Manual pin-tumbler lock picking techniques (picking, raking, scrubbing)
  • Mortise lock / lever lock picking
  • Lock bypass techniques (why pick it when you can bypass it?)
  • Manual padlock picking (lever, combination & pin-tumbler locks)
  • Tubular lock picking (vending machine locks, bike locks)
  • Picking car locks
  • Car lock bypass techniques
  • Bump keys (the tool of the 21st century)
  • Skeleton keys, control keys, master keys
  • Where to legally buy specialized tools for each method and lock type

What readers have told me about 'The Bible'...

"I think your information is brilliant, everything I want as a student locksmith. I am keen to gain knowledge in all aspects of locksmithing, guide to lock picking, and lock sport and my main interest at this moment is in all kinds of tuition in the subject."

- Colin Smythe, Birmingham, UK

"I would like to reiterate my initial opinion, which is to say that I have found your web site an excellent practical resource."

- Steven Williams, Richmond, UK

"I am very new to this but would like to say that I think your info is very well constructed. The video links are exactly what I was looking for (a picture paints a 1000 words). I have found a load of free information from the net which all give the same info but with varying degrees of comprehension. Your product ties all of these up and brings a whole new dimension to the knowledge."

- Ross Wilson, New York City, USA

"I enjoyed your plain speaking book as I am a total newcomer to how to pick a lock."

- Paul Bewlay, Kent, UK

"Great stuff. I've had an interest in this for years but never got round to doing much about it. This guide to lock picking has really helped me out"

- Martin Bell, Texas, USA

"I have been searching for years for information like this. You get straight to the point and clearly explain all the key principles I need to know. How to Pick a lock guide has made picking a lock easy! You should be charging more for this stuff."

- Kevin Fleming, Warrington, UK

"Info is great, well explained, with good advice where to shop. Cheers."

- Baz Harvey, Stevenage, UK

"Your info is very useful to me. I appreciate all you have done to help me along with my part time craft."

- Don B., Dallas, Texas, USA

The Wall Of Silence is Now Broken!

What I haven't shown you are all the negative comments I receive from the 'professionals'.

The lock smithing world is a closed one, with fiercely guarded trade secrets. During my years of training and practicing, I quite often stumbled upon the ‘Lock Smithing Wall of Silence’ that I couldn't get through.

These professional lock smiths do not like the fact that I have spilled the beans on their trade secrets.

Many individual locksmiths - as well as several locksmith associations - have insisted that I take this website down immediately.

You can gain access to this secret lock picking information right now.

The Lock Pickers Bible contains:

  • Tons of straight-to-the-point information
  • Over 30 videos to show the lock picking techniques
  • Numerous color diagrams and clear explanations
  • Links to sources of reliable information
  • Where to legally buy your lock picking tools

The Classified Lock Pickers Bible

I first launched this site in 2008 and priced access at $59.00 USD. In the 2011 Edition, I added some killer content and numerous updates.

But I know it's tough out there right now, so I have decided to slash the price to a one-time fee of $24.97 USD, nearly 60% off the regular price.

Members Only
Members Only

Get lifetime access to the members area now.

There's more. With your purchase of The Classified Lock Pickers Bible, I will throw in four additional bonuses. These were all written by me personally and are valued at more than $70.00 USD total, but I am including them for no additional cost. Here is what you will get:

The Lock Pickers Library how to pick a lock

Bonus #1

The Lock Pickers Library

If you are serious about learning lock picking, then this is a must. Contains links to download 70 classic PDF books about picking or defeating locks. Each title has been carefully selected by me, with a description of its importance to you.

Regularly $19.97.   INCLUDED FREE!
Make Your Own Lock Picks Book

Bonus #2

Make Your Own Lock Picks

A report detailing how to make your own quality lock picking tools, including lock pick templates.

Regularly $17.00.   INCLUDED FREE!
How To Open Combination Padlocks Book

Bonus #3

How To Open Combination Padlocks

A report specifically focused on defeating different types of combination padlocks.

Regularly $17.00.   INCLUDED FREE!
How To Get Into Cars Without Keys Book

Bonus #4

How To Get Into Cars Without Keys

A report investigating the various techniques to get into vehicles without keys.

Regularly $17.00.   INCLUDED FREE!

Still not sure? I'll even offer you a 100% money-back guarantee.

56-Day Money Back Guarantee

With a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, backed up by ClickBank, you will be taking no risk at all. In the next 56 days, if you are not completely satisfied with this product, I will quickly refund your entire purchase.

Stop wasting your time reading outdated books and poor quality articles on the internet. I have done all the work for you already. You could be learning how to pick locks just two minutes from right now.

See you in the members area!

To Your Lock Picking Freedom,

Lock Picker Signature

P.S. Once your payment is processed, you will be directed immediately to the secret members area, where you will have access to all the information and be able to download your free bonuses.

P.P.S. Please be clear that this product is not a paper book. It is online information hosted in a secret members-only area of my web site.

P.P.P.S. You never have to worry about me charging you for future updates. Once you purchase access to The Classified Lock Pickers Bible, you will enjoy free updates for life.

Get immediate access to the members area now.

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